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Myncil Pharmaceuticals

We deal in quality patent ayurvedic medicines with high quality herbs & carefully tested mechanisms. All our products are tested and verified by inhouse High tech laboratory confirming the quality and effectiveness. Mycil Parma certicals was founded and established by shri s k Srivastav in early 1974 and since then our journey to serve mankind with the most natural form of treatment to various diseases people suffer started.Aur profound knowledge and has practiced Ayurveda since 1965. The mycil pharmaceuticals which started in a very you humble  in 1974 has governor leaves and bounds under the able guidance of our founder shir SK Srivastava and his friend who where Professor at Dept of Ayurveda and Dept of  pharmacy.their suggestion and guidance help in improving effectively and use of modern testing method from time to time.We deal  in quality patent Ayurvedic medicine made with high-quality herbs and carefully tested .

Founded in 1974 the mycil pharmaceuticals Legacy now spends over 46 years from shri s k Srivastava founder to his son M k  Srivastava offers a full line of clinically studies Herbals formulation single herbs herbal pain relief oil and thus integrating principles of traditional medicines with modern scientific methods.

Our vision-

During the starting stage of myself Pharma certificated our fall reason was to wearing the traditional India science of Ayurveda to society in society in a container groovy form in a time when herbal products where regular with fictitious our founded believe in the heading proud of ours was wearing our founder from Gali believe that if people were affected safe and effective how was medicines they would come to accept them as a part of their Health Care routine micelles reason is at good health should we FX equal to everyone and we have to make this possible for our commitment to science

Our Beliefs-Integrity

We value the trust our customers, business partners and other stakeholders have placed in as.By being truthful, consistent and Honest in everything we do, we honour their trust .

We are accountable both internally to our team and externally to our stakeholders. our system and processor have us ensure to level up the trust they have in us. 

We remain formally committed to our vedas and are guided by our ethics.Transparency-

Being open in our dealing is an integral part of our work ethics. whether in interacting with farmers who grow herbs, vendors who supply us different materials or customers who buy our products, we believe that transparency helps us to make partners for lifetime.Innovation-

Innovation is our priority. It inspired us to discover new medicines and develop new products that make life healthier  and happier for people. Our endeavor is to meticulously Research and formulate standardized products of the highest quality . We formerly believe that the customer is a Paramount importance and therefore we place customer satisfaction as our Supreme Gravity.Ayurveda-Ayurveda is a Holistic medical system .Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that literally means as the knowledge of life (Ayu-life, veda knowledge or Science).it is base on ancient text that utilize natural treatments, herbal medicines lifestyles and dietary practices to promote healing of body, mind and spirit . The benefits of Ayurved have been proven over more than two millennia. In Sushruta samhita shushruta wrote that dhanvantari,Hindu God of Ayurveda, incarnated himself  as a mythical king of Varanasi and taught medicine to a group of Physics including shushrata. Ancient Ayurveda texts also taught surgical techniques, including rhinoplasty and extraction of foreign objects. Ayurveda is a way of life.this Indian system of medicine believes in principles which involve holistic healing by bringing back the body.Ayurveda Herbs-The natural herbs are  used in the ayurvedic system of medicines to bring back imbalance in doshe to normal. These herbs are processed  into various forms like churna (powdors) ,granules,kadha,(decotions),vati(tablets),oils ets & are used as required in specific disease conditions.The processed herbs not only provide symptomatic relief but also treat the disease from its root cause.


Ayurveda name seven basic Qhotu(tissues) which are rosa (Plasma) rakta (blood) mansa (muscles) majja(marrow) and shukra (semen) every human being is composed of five elements panchabhutas namely Prithvi (earth) vaayu (air),Jala (water), and Tejas(fire),and Akash (space). These five elements integrate to form tridosha namely vata, Pitta and kapha.Tridosha-

Vata,Pitta and kapha are three doshas which govern all over human characteristics, activities and patterns of health and illness. Ayurveda states that the balance of doshas results in health,while imbalance results in disease.Diagnosis-

Ayurveda has 8 way to diagnose illness-nadi (pulse), mootra (urine),mal(stool),jihva (tongue),vani (speech or shabd),sparsh(touch),drishti(vision)and Aakruti (appearance).


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