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Business QR benefits and features

How Business QR is Beneficial For a Business

Business QR helps a business in :

  • Maintaining   Visitor record.
  • Managing Customer's Name & contact no.
  • Identifying your   valuable customer.
  • Promoting products and services's  catalouge.
  • Getting   Review and Feedback from customer
  • Accepting   payment.
Get Business QR in Just ₹.199/- Only

How Customers will Use QR Code

Today's smartphones have built-in QR Code readers with the camera, so there's no special app to install. This creates very simple steps for customers:.

आज के स्मार्टफोन में कैमरे के साथ ही क्यूआर कोड रीडर आता हैं, इसलिए इंस्टॉल करने के लिए कोई विशेष ऐप नहीं चाहिए होता है। इसलिए ग्राहक बहुत ही आसानी से कर निचे बताये गए तरीको का इस्तेमाल कर के QR उपयोग कर सकते है

  • Point a phone camera at a Business QR and wait for just a few seconds.
  • A notification will pop up that, when clicked, will send you to a web page.
  • On that web page customer will see the options like give feedback, product catalogue, gallery etc.
  • Business can ask phone number or name according to their need.
अपने कस्टमर्स का डाटा प्राप्त करने के लिए अभी बिज़नेस QR लगवाएं
How customer will use qr code

Best way to display QR Codes

After receiving Business QR, you'll need to post it around your shop/store/restaurant/business premises. Here are some great ways to put your QR code where your customers can easily see and scan it:

Business QR प्राप्त करने के बाद , आपको इसे अपनी दुकान/स्टोर/रेस्टोरेंट/व्यावसायिक परिसर के आसपास पोस्ट करना होगा। अपना क्यूआर कोड हमेशा ऐसे जगह रखे जहां आपके ग्राहक इसे आसानी से देख सके और स्कैन कर सके


Table Tents

Put the QR code right in front of your customers in an unobtrusive manner with free-standing table tents.

table top inserts business qr

Tabletop Inserts

Just slide the insert into the holder and start scanning.

business qr on wall and door posters

Wall & Door Posters

A cheap and effective means to post your QR code all over your windows and walls.

flyers and pamphlet business qr

Flyers & Pumphlet

Spread your menu all over town with flyers featuring your QR code.

business qr on standing boards

Standing Boards

Let passerby scan your QR code with free-standing sidewalk signage.

business qr on visiting card and business card

Business & Visiting Cards

Stand out when you network with business cards that make it easy for customers to look you up.

Why use MOB Business QR ?

Our Business QR give you an endless number of ways to serve customers. The Business QR can be used easily with counter card, menus, table signs, posters, flyers, business cards and much more.

Why use mob business qr codes

Track Your Footfall & Visitors

Knowing about your customer footfall & visitors is necessary,You can do it easily with Business QR.

Easily show your product/service catalogue

Businesses & stores can easily display their product and services catalogue without the need of the expensive website or any tool .

Gallery / Portfolio

Show the gallery, special imazes and client testimonials easily through MOB Business QR.

Feedback & Review

Feedback is important for any business to improve, select your custom questions to ask and see the analysis and improve your product & service.

Get Business QR in Just ₹.199/- Only!

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How To Create A Business QR in 4 Easy Steps

Business QR is simple to setup & start in 4 Easy Steps

1st step to generate business qr

Download MOB App & Register as Business.

Firstly you will have to download MOB app from the play store & register as a business with Phone number, Business Name.

Second step to generate business qr

Apply For Business QR

Apply for Business QR & Pay the requested amount, after that our team will contact you & you will get the QR delivered to your shop/store or office.

3rd step to generate business qr

Install QR in Your Office

After getting QR install in your office premises and keep at the places where customers can easily show those QR.

4th step to generate business QR

Complete the required details

To make QR ready to use you will have to fill necessary information through MOB app.

Get Your Own Business QR At Just ₹.199/- Only.